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Sheriff Seal Issues New Scam Alert

The Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating three fraud cases involving the reship scam.  This scam has been used with Washington Parish residents who have applied for jobs using internet web sites.  Scammers somehow obtain this information and contact the job applicant by email with a scheme similar to the following:

 “Hello, I am Jack Berberian and I work at International Enterprise.  We are currently looking for new employees who would like to work in our current vacant position of Forwarding Manager.  Your profile was located on a job related website and our Human Resources Division found it to be quite interesting.  We invite you to join our friendly team. 

 Let me explain what the position is all about.  As a mail and packaging clerk, you will help us to maintain the exceptional quality of services we provide.  Your job responsibilities will include:

  •  Receiving and checking the contents of packages shipped to you,
  • sending those items to our customers using shipping labels we provide to you and which are already paid for,
  • keeping a record of all items forwarded by you using our online platform, and
  • regularly communicating with your appointed supervisor.

 We require that you are at least 18 years old to be eligible for this vacancy.  Basic experience in office equipment handling will also be expected.

 We offer unlimited career opportunities for our most promising employees and, by the way, most of our senior managers started with the position you may now occupy. 

 Please reply to  this email to let us know that you are interested and we will get in touch with you shortly.  Thank you and have a wonderful day!”

 When the unsuspecting job applicant responds, the fraudulent company responds with telephone interviews, telephone training sessions and even W-4 Internal Revenue Service forms.  The job applicant is promised a salary of $2,000 - $2,500 per month plus bonus.

 Scammers have been able to obtain debit card information from cardholders and have used those debit card numbers to order goods and then have them shipped to the new “employee” who believes he or she is working for a legitimate reshipping company.  The fraudulent company supplies the new “employee” with FedEx or UPS labels, which are directed to addresses in New Jersey and Ohio.

 The end result of this process is:

 Debit card holders are charged with purchases they did not make and did not authorize.

  • The new “employee” unwittingly participates in a criminal enterprise.
  • The “employer” illegally purchases items, has them shipped to the new “employee” and then receives them from the new “employee” to be resold.

The only one who benefits from this criminal enterprise is the original “employer.”  Thus far, Washington Parish investigators have identified two fake internet companies that have been used to perpetuate the scam.  They are Courier Alternative LLC and Ireship LLC.

 When new “employees” finally realize they are not getting paid for reshipping merchandise, they call telephone numbers given to them.  The person who answers has a heavy foreign accent. It seems obvious that the scam originates overseas and uses addresses in this country to eventually receive stolen goods.

 Sheriff Randy Seal wants to know if anyone in Washington Parish has been a victim of this scam.  If you have, please contact Washington Parish investigators at (985) 661-2024.

 Sheriff Seal commented, “I am constantly amazed at the schemes used around the country to steal from innocent citizens.  These scammers have no conscience and will stop at nothing to make a dishonest dollar.  They willingly prey on people who only want an honest job and the scammers don’t mind at all if they involve these innocent folks  in their criminal activity.  If you receive such a job offer, please contact our investigators immediately.  We will do all we can to protect you.”

“This is a sophisticated scheme,” said Sheriff Seal.  “Don’t fall for it.  It is a scam which will only hurt you and others.”

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