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Texting While Driving Kills

Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal cautions parish drivers of all ages to be aware of the dangers of texting while driving.  “With daylight saving time ending in a few days and  school holidays and the summer break rapidly approaching, more drivers will be on our roads.  It is important that all drivers practice safe driving habits at all times and texting while driving should not occur.  It is a dangerous practice that can lead to increased accidents and highway deaths.”

 There are many good websites which highlight the dangers of texting while driving.  An excellent site is www.textinganddrivingsafety.com.  Sheriff Seal encourages drivers of all ages to  use the information on these sites as a constant reminder not to text while driving.

 Statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety state that texting while driving causes 25% of all car accidents and an average of eleven teen deaths EVERY DAY.  The National Safety Council reports 1,600,000 accidents annually due to texting while driving.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Council says driving while texting produces the same impairment as driving after consuming four beers.  The texting driver is six times more likely to cause an accident than an intoxicated driver.

 Other alarming facts from various websites include:

 When a driver is going 55 miles an hour and looks at a text, the car travels the length of a football field without any eyes on the road.

 Teens who text while driving spend ten percent of their driving time outside of their driving lane.

 Forty-eight percent of youth report being in a car while the driver was texting.  Often, that driver is the parent.

 Texting while driving takes place by 800,000 drivers at any given time across the country.  The car approaching you on a two lane highway may be driven by a texting driver.

 While all would admit that Driving While Intoxicated is a dangerous practice, the same is true for those who Drive While Intexticated.

 The bottom line, says Sheriff Seal, is “don’t text and drive, because texting while driving kills.”


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